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Family Law Links

Child Custody and Access Booklet
Divorce Act

Divorce Law FAQ Booklet
Family Law Act
Ontario Child Support Calculator
Ontario Family Law Booklet
Ontario Family Law Court Locator
Ontario Family Law Forms

Ontario Family Law Procedures Guide

Criminal Law Links

The Canadian Criminal Code
The Canadian Charter of Rights
Ontario E-Laws
Rules of the Ontario Courts


Labour and Employment Law Links

Canada Labour Code
Canadian Human Rights Act
Canadian Human Rights Commission

Employment Equity Act
Employment Standards Act, 2000

Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act
Government of Ontario

Human Rights Code
Information and Privacy Commissioner / Ontario

Labour Relations Act, 1995
Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Labour - Employment Standards
Ministry of Labour - Labour Management Services
Ministry of Labour - Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Office of the Employer Advisor

Ontario Human Rights Commission
Ontario Labour Relations Board
Pay Equity Act
Pension Benefits Act
Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

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